Phoenix Marketing Firm Fraud

Phoenix marketing firm president Letty Alvarez told me the following story. A number of years ago, she was out of the office for an extended time for the birth to her 2nd daughter. However, since she was the signer on the checking account, she still came in from time to time to sign payroll checks and checks to pay her suppliers. Once about four weeks into her extended maternity leave, she noticed a wadded up check in the garbage can. She pulled it out, straightened out the check and discovered her badly forged name on the signature line at the bottom of the check.

Then she looked at the bank statement and noticed missing checks. After recovering more missing checks from dumpster diving, then doing sufficient research, Letty discovered 33 forged checks had cleared the bank for around $10,000 in purchases made by her secretary during her leave of absence. Bank policy on forged checks allowed her to recover all $10,000. She prosecuted her former secretary for fraud to the full extent allowed by the law.

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