Scottsdale Art Gallery Fraud

On Main Street in Scottsdale, in 2011, the owner of one of the better Scottsdale Galleries disappeared on the heels of a shortfall of hundreds of thousands of dollars. As the story was pieced together, the artists whose works were consigned to that gallery had noticed their payments from that gallery (after their consigned work sold) had climbed from 30 days, to 60 days, then to 90 days, before stopping altogether. RED FLAG!

When word went out that some of the paintings consigned to that gallery were missing, the new buyers of the works came forward and said they had purchased those paintings and had papers proving that they had bought those works from the gallery.

Upon hearing the purchaser side, one artist remarked that he was glad the art collector liked his work, that he did not have a beef with the collector, but rather with the gallery owner who disappeared. As information came out, it was discovered that the former gallery owner had a history of leaving as he had left behind a wife and children in England when he had come to America a few years before.

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