Anti-Fraud Techniques

To Deflate Rationalizations

• Maintain an ethical tone at the top.

• Insist on a meaningful code of conduct from every employee.

• Foster workplace integrity.

• Provide an ethical corporate culture.

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To Reduce Opportunities & Increase Fear of Getting Caught

• Establish effective hotlines.

• Protect whistleblowers.

• Instigate proactive fraud auditing.

• Install unswerving (no exceptions) protocol for punishing perpetrators.

• Design & implement appropriate controls.

• Open up communications with employees, vendors & customers.

To Relieve Financial Pressure

• Implement an employee loan program.

• Institute employee support programs.

• Hold employee seminars on personal budgeting.

• Know what is happening to each employee.

• Educate employees using example on how to spend wisely.

Many small businesses do not believe themselves flush enough with cash to lend some of that precious resource to their employees. Please consider the real possibility of a $5,000 loan that is highly likely to be repaid versus a $100,000 embezzlement of monies gone forever.