Arizona Certified Fraud Examiner and Expert Witness

Expert Fraud Examiner & Witness

Do you know a business owner that has fallen prey to embezzlement or other financial fraud? Don’t wait until you need to hire an Arizona certified fraud examiner as your local wizard to ferret out the folly in your accounting system. Consider the potential damage now.

Don’t Wait Until You Have To… Call Paul Now!

arizona certified fraud examiner - Paul UpdikeQuestions You Might Have for an Arizona Certified Fraud Examiner:

How do I know if we’re affected by fraud?

What are some examples of fraudulent behavior?

How do I get started with a fraud examination?

What’s is a fraud examination going to cost?

For whom have you provided services?

I don’t want to hire you, but can I still learn something here?

You just might need a Certified Fraud Examiner

“Every business suffers some degree of fraud —
only some are savvy enough to deal with it.”

Take this self-evaluation fraud examination test yourself:

  1. Our company has never had any fraud so we don’t need to explore this.
  2. The bookkeeping department is 100% competent and would find fraud if we had any.
  3. Every employee we have is completely reliable and has no off-site problems.
  4. Discrepancies in our books are normal and just typical errors with explanations.
  5. Our CPA and annual audit finds every possible error we face.
  6. If our IRS filings were off because of fraud or cheating we would know it.
  7. A company we know suffered from fraud but that could never happen to us.
  8. Only good honest people work here with no reasons to steal, skim or cut corners.
  9. Every supplier we work with treats us fairly, honestly and always delivers full measure.
  10. Slow payments from customers doesn’t cost us much and we don’t consider fraud.
  11. Working with a fraud examiner suggests we have a problem so we won’t do it.
  12. Government has fraud, Fortune 500 companies have fraud, we’re too small for that.


Now that all that’s settled I can get back to work with an easy conscience.

Perhaps you need to speak to a certified fraud examiner, just in case… Call Paul!