Former Microsoft Executive sentenced to 28 months for embezzlement and stealing

A former executive at Microsoft got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Warning, your forehead may sustain a dent after you hit yourself wondering why he did it!

Jeff Tran pleaded guilty to soliciting $775,000 from a vendor and depositing the payment in his own bank account, according to an article in the June 28th Seattle Times.  Then he requested help from the vendor, threatening to kill the preferred status the vendor enjoyed with Microsoft, if the vendor did not help cover up the theft.

Part of Tran’s job was deciding which Microsoft employees received tickets. Tran also  admitted stealing blocks of 2017 Superbowl tickets and tailgate party tickets and selling them for $208,200. This was after he had successfully sold a dozen 2016 Superbowl tickets for $41,200, and no one noticed. As is true for the typical fraudster, the defrauded amount grows over time.

The most interesting fact about this fraud is that Tran  never spent any of the embezzled funds. There was not any perceived financial pressure. The stolen money was all recovered, untouched! Jeff Tran will lose his freedom for 28 months of jail time and a large annual salary, seemingly simply for the short-term rush that accompanied the theft.


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