Small and medium-sized manufacturing firms can know as much about their production costs as the major companies of the world.

Off-the-shelf shop floor reporting software packages usually can be customized sufficiently and easily such that any manufacturing firm looking to improve their profitability for the long term can get a great ROI by investing in shop floor reporting automation.

Yet, many times a firm operates differently than the new software assumes. In order to realize that great return on investment in new software often requires an accurate and complete integration with the particular way each specific firm operates. There really is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. 

EFM specializes in analyzing the manufacturing processes and related shop floor reporting issue in each firm.  Using Activity-based costing, EFM can help each company allocate their indirect costs.  An accurate allocation of overhead expenses takes the guesswork out of product pricing decisions.

EFM also determines how best to utilize the current software to generate  solid cost accounting information.   As a result of using Activity-based costing, the client can take full advantage of the software installation and make the best pricing decisions based on their specific situation.

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