EFM Deliverables

Here, you'll discover a comprehensive showcase of the tangible results we deliver to our valued clients, the EFM Deliverables.

Here, you’ll discover a comprehensive showcase of the tangible results we deliver to our valued clients, the EFM Deliverables. From innovative product developments to meticulously crafted strategies, our team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that our deliverables not only meet expectations but exceed them. Dive into this dynamic collection of achievements and witness firsthand how our dedication, expertise, and relentless pursuit of perfection translate into real-world outcomes that drive businesses forward. At EFM Consulting, we believe in delivering nothing short of greatness, and this page serves as a testament to the transformative power of our solutions.

EFM Deliverables

For Start-up businesses

  • Set up accounting processes and procedures
  • Create and customize a Chart of Accounts to closely fit the new business entity
  • Create financial statements such as Balance Sheets and Income Statements
  • Create the process and procedure of pulling together the General Ledger from which to draw the financial statements
  • Provide on-site financial analysis of financial statements and market opportunities
  • Set up procedure for recording accounting transactions
  • Write Desktop Operating Procedures for accounting process personnel
  • AR – train how to record and match cash receipts
  • AP – train how to match, pay and archive invoices; train how to manage check-writing
  • Credit – establish appropriate selection criteria for issuing credit
  • Collections – set up procedure to collect from customers including how to handle complaints and refusals to pay
  • Payroll – set up procedure to deal with forms 940 & 941 and other tax forms
  • Set up payroll timekeeping forms and how to match to shop floor labor
  • Develop/execute a long-term financial plan, including pro forma financial statements
  • Insurance – set up and create a maintenance plan for Worker’s Compensation, Property and Casualty coverage and Business Liability insurance
  • Set up simple bookkeeping using either QuickBooks or PeachTree accounting software, whichever is most appropriate

For On-going concerns

  • Perform financial or operational tasks as needed to solve immediate problems while creating and implementing long-term solutions
  • Reconstruct financial statements from canceled checks and bank statements
  • Handle banking relations; negotiate credit line with financial institution
  • Design a systematic way to deal with unsorted accounting transactions
  • Improve cash flow by contacting vendors and arranging an adequate repayment plan
  • Analyze selling transactions to determine actual realized margin for each product line
  • Create a customized inventory management system
  • Perform financial analysis on pricing and costing issues
  • Build financial pricing model
  • Create reasonable specifications for shop floor reporting software
  • Train production operators how to report shop floor activity
  • Link job estimates to actual job production performance
  • Establish workable PO system that fits the business entity
  • Write Policy & Procedure manual
  • Teach accounting personnel how to use accounting software
  • Train accounting personnel how to follow accounting and control procedures