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The mission of our firm is to improve the financial management with forensic accounting and maximum profitability of our clients.

Executive Financial Management provides enhanced cost accounting metrics and more reliable process information by developing management intervention tools, installing financial controls, streamlining operation procedures and devising creative solutions to solve business problems.

Small business encounter a number of potential problems when it comes to financial accounting and reporting. General accounting practices don’t often reveal when there are problems until it is too late. The best financial practices maintain an ethical tone at the top, insist on a meaningful code of conduct from every employee, foster workplace integrity and provide an ethical corporate structure.

Something unique and distinctively advantageous… Many small businesses do not believe themselves flush enough with cash to lend some of that precious resource to their employees. Please consider the real possibility of a $5,000 loan that is highly likely to be repaid versus a $100,000 embezzlement of monies gone forever. Forensic accounting is our specialty.

Executive Financial Management Expertise

The members of the EFM team are seasoned professionals with extensive operational and financial management expertise. The goal of every engagement is to work closely with the client to ensure that recommendations and solutions are owned by the permanent staff, thereby continuing to provide benefits long after the on-site engagement ends. We share impactful financial management expertise with our clients.

paul updike - certified fraud examiner - executive financial management expertisePaul J. Updike, MBA, CFE, Faculty Practitioner UOP, Principal, is a certified fraud examiner and specializes in solving small business problems that are operational, financial, accounting-related and fraud-related.

Paul earned two degrees from Brigham Young University, and has 25-plus years experience as a Chief Operating Officer, CFO, Controller, Financial Analyst and Cost Accountant for Motorola, Rogers Corporation, HS Crocker, Flagstaff Engineering and other multi-million dollar organizations.

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